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Following the trail of Judi Bowker back
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Judi Bowker is, in my opinion, a very talented actress. Looking at her career, I still can not figure out why she is not as famous as the likes of Kiera Knightley or Catherine Zeta Jones, other British exports to Holywood. All trails from Google seem to grow cold post 1994, which is the last entry at IMDB. I was intrigued about what happened to Judi after 1994, so decided to do the research for myself. As it happens, it looks like IMDB is right about her spouse being Harry Meacher, who has been directing and appearing in a number of shows around small theatres in Hampstead and North London. Maybe Ms. Bowker is not into the glitz and limelights of Tinsel Town, who knows ?

I am simply compiling the missing pieces I managed to gather about Judi's career post 1994. It seems she concentrates her work in theatres, doing Shakespeare's adaptations mainly. She even tried her hands at directing for a bit. This went on until 2004, when both her and Harry disappeared from the radar for a year, seemingly performing abroad, mainly aboard cruise ships. Harry has just recently resurfaced in the play Bedroom Farce, which ended its run yesterday. No mention of Judi in the last play. It does not appear they have any children, at least not voting age anyway.

The table below is not exhaustive, I would welcome any contribution on missing images, links, or inaccuracies. It is as much as I can find out with publicly available information. Anything above and beyond that I will have to pay for, and will be a gross invasion into people's privacy, so that is as far as it will go. One other thing I also notice that although there are publicity for the plays Judi was involved in since 1994, it seems like this trail of theatre companies' PR machine do not embrace the online digital age that much. This is probably the reason why search engines fail to come up with coherent results for her theatrical works. I would be interested to know if anyone has been to see her plays in Hampstead and at least let me have some constructive feedbacks.

Year Project Credit Location
1972 The Adventures of Black Beauty Vicky Gordon TV Black Beauty
1972 Brother Sun, Sister Moon (Fratello sole, sorella luna) Clare Feature Film Brother Sun, Sister Moon
1973 Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde Tupenny TV Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
1974 South Ridings Midge Carne TV South Ridings
1975 In This House of Brede Joanna TV In this House of Brede
1976 The Glittering Prizes Francesca Davidson TV  
1976 The Picture of Dorian Gray Sybil Vane TV The picture of Dorian Gray
1976 The Rivals Julia Royal Exchange  
1976 The Prince of Homburg Princess Natilie of Orange Royal Exchange The Prince of Homburg
1977 Dracula Wilhelmina 'Mina' Westenra TV Dracula
1977 East of Elephant Rock Eve Proudfoot Feature Film East of Elephant Rock
1981 Clash of the Titans Andromeda Feature Film Clash of the Titans
1981 "Tales of the Unexpected" (episode: The Best of Everything) Ann Horton TV The best of everything
1981 Wilfred and Eileen Eileen TV  
1984 Ellis Island Georgiana O'Donnell TV Ellis Island
1985 The Shooting Party Lady Olivia Lilburn    
1985 Sins Natalie Junot TV Sins
1985 Anna Karenina Kitty TV Anna Karenina
1986 "Worlds Beyond" (episode: The Haunted Garden)   TV  
1986 The Women      
1988 Menace Unseen Tessa Shriving TV  
1990 Flare Path      
1991 Here Come the Clowns      
1994 The Miracle Worker      
1994 Kurtul Ms. Stevenson TV  
1995 Bel-Ami      
1997 Autumn Music      
1997 The Brownings through Casa Guidi Windows Elizabeth Barrett Browning    
1998 Hedda Gabler      
1999 In Love with Anton Lydia Avilova Upstairs at the Gatehouse In love with Anton
Platonov 1999   Upstairs at the Gatehouse Plantonov
1999 Les Liaisons Dangereuses Assistant Director    
1999 Macbeth      
2000 Richard III Clarence/Edward Upstairs at the Gatehouse  
2001 Cardboard Dreams Director The Studio, Beckenham  
2001 Sherlock Holmes and the Hound of the Baskervilles   Pentameters Theatre The Hounds of Baskerville
2002 Othello Director Pentameters Theatre  
2003 Mr Silver's Secret      
2004 Deathtrap as Myra Upstairs at the Gatehouse Deathtrap
2005 Swan Hellenic Rainforest Discovery Cruise from London to Singapore      
2006 Harry is back in town, in Bedroom Farce, not sure about Judi   Upstairs at the Gatehouse  

Previous article: Whatever happened to ... ?! view

discuss (9 comments)
 by by David at 20 Mar 2006 23:17:34
The above is my e-mail address. I was very interested in your compilation of Judi Bowker's performances, although I do not think your list is complete. If you would care to discuss this further, and indeed Miss Bowker in general, perhaps you would e-mail me and I can then pass on the extra information.
by graeme carr at 12 May 2006 18:24:21

I am a big fan of Judi bowker she has done some tv work in 2003 in the bill which was shown not long ago in uk gold, and then she did an internview for 50 years of celebrity animals this us upto date for her being on tv, but if anyone is interested in gettng a copy of those above please e-mail me and I will do a copy on to dvd or vhs for you..

I have many item of Judi bowker from dvds to vhs and clippings as well as theatre programmes and also photos over the years.. I got many of them from ebay and some from film fairs I go to quite alot.. I would love is it Judi did some more tv work its so nice to see her on tv again..

claire Ridgway

by claire ridgway at 16 Jul 2006 20:16:02
 Is it possible that the husband is controlling her abit, and maybe a little jelous of her??? She is still a very smart looking woman...  Could be!!  Robert Bowker
by Robert Bowker at 10 Dec 2007 10:38:17
 She was marvelous in Black beauty. And what a voice!!! She has avoice to die for!
by john kibbey at 15 Apr 2008 14:09:29
Just to add a bit more, yep, I used to watch "The Adventures of Black Beauty" as a young boy. She was gorgeous and her voice was the lovliest I have ever heard.
by john kibbey at 15 Apr 2008 14:12:30
She is indeed married to Harry Meacher and I was a guest at there wedding. Harry too is an actor.
by Irene Willis at 08 Jul 2009 01:42:33
Out of curiosity, what year did they get married?
by MC at 18 Jul 2010 22:16:01

I had the pleasure of meeting Judi Bowker after her performace in the 'Winslow Boy' at the Thorndike Theatre, Leatherhead in Surrey back in the mid nineties. She took the trouble to come and have a chat with me after the show together with her husband. As a young man in the 70's I was fortunate enough to receive a number of pictures, publicity material and a letter from her following a Xmas present I sent her via her agent at the time. I was hoplessly besotted with her as a 13 year old although ironically I was no lover of horses. When I finally met her thirty years later, I was married, soberly dressed, educated and professional. Frankly despite all my years of maturity I just melted and almost reverted back to that teenager. I think I just managed to hold it together but told her how grateful I was for taking the time to make a young's man day all those years ago. She was as beautiful and as refined as you could imagine and made a middle aged guy very happy.

by tomyg at 17 Jan 2011 22:08:06
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