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Tubelife Follow up/Reply
Tubeart A couple of days ago there was a security scare resulting from some art project being mistaken as terrorist devices due to the fact that they were left in close proximity to some busy Underground stations like Sheperd's Bush, Hammersmith etc. Makes you think the tension is still there and the nerves are still raw. I guess in a way we need to lighten up a bit to put up with the commuting chore, and art might be the necessary ingredient. Having said that, if I happen to see long tube shape objects in London these days which resemble those bazooka things, you will have problem keeping up with me running in the opposite direction !

by David at 30 Apr 2006 19:38:37

  • Objets d'art caused major security scare by David at 30 Apr 2006 19:38:37
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