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Waterloo Community Follow up/Reply

The main escalators between the National Rail concourse and Jubilee line seems to have been out of action for longer than I can remember. And now, the Waterloo and City line has been closed for maintenance until September. Sounds like there is no end of this hassle !

Waterloo is an international gateway to Europe, so I think they should have tried a bit harder to minimise the disruption and present a better image to our visitors. It does not seem to be a problem with funding, more like the project planning bit that is a bit dodgy. Evidence is the escalator has been fenced off but there does not seem to be too much work going on most of the time I have been through the station.

Waterloo Escalator kaput Waterloo Escalator kaput

by David at 30 Apr 2006 19:26:49

  • Wot no escalator and no Drain ? by David at 30 Apr 2006 19:26:49
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