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Bodyscanner1 Canary Wharf is getting a new body scanner following the successful trial at Paddington. Passengers will be expected to be tested at random to detect if they are carrying explosives or have been in contact with explosives. This measure must be seen as a deterrent, as I am not sure how affective it will be to actually prevent somebody from trying to blow up the trains. The reason I say this is because Canary Wharf is the station most people will arrive at in the morning rush hour, not where they depart from, which means if somebody were planning to blow up the trains, they would have done so already before reaching Canary Wharf. Still, most people seem to be happy to see it there and do not mind the inconvenience of being stopped and searched. It goes to show the psychological conmfort factor can not be underestimated. What do you think ?
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