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Allbarone1 The trendy All Bar One bar in front of Canary Wharf's Jubilee Line station seems to be sending out conflicting signals to the punters currently. The entrance seems to indicate that as long as you are potty trained, you can frequent this establishment, and yet, next to it there is another sign that says "Children are not allowed". I asked All Bar One's front man Nene , and he did not provide me with any more clarification into this matter than my muddled interpretation of the rules. Ah well, I guess I will have to try to book the kids' birthday party there next time, just to satisfy my curiosity.

All Bar One All Bar One entrance NeNe of All Bar One Canary Wharf

The sun refused to come out today, so the sunworshippers have decided to stay in their offices too. I will be out and about with my faithful camera later in the week to try my luck again.
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