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Best London Underground routes from West Ruislip to Reading Mappin
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37 stops
 6—West Ruislip Community
 5—Ruislip GardensCommunity
 5—South Ruislip Community
 4—Greenford Community
 3—Hanger LaneCommunity
 23—North ActonCommunity
 2—East ActonCommunity
 2—White CityCommunity
 2—Shepherd's Bush (C)Community
 2—Holland ParkCommunity
 12—Notting Hill GateCommunity
 1—Lancaster GateCommunity
 1—Marble ArchCommunity
 1—Bond StreetCommunity
 1—Oxford CircusCommunity
 1—Tottenham Court RoadCommunity
 1—Chancery LaneCommunity
 1—St. Paul'sCommunity
 1—Bank Community
 1—Liverpool Street Community
 2—Bethnal GreenCommunity
 2—Mile EndCommunity
 3—Stratford Community
 3—West Ham Community
 3—Canning Town Community
 23—North GreenwichCommunity
 2—Canary Wharf Community
 2—Canada Water Community
 2—Bermondsey Community
 1—London Bridge Community
 1—Southwark Community
 1—Waterloo Community
 —[South West Trains]
West Ruislip
Points of Interest (POI)/ What's on

Apple Store UK at Oxford Circus Community

Applestore Want to buy the latest and coolest iPod or MacBook Pro ? Why wait for mail order deliveries when you can pick one up yourself today ? The Apple Store on Regent Street has WiFi networking and all the shiny computers you can play with. Maybe even send a quick mail back to the Outback to lets your folks know you are having a great time in London Wink
by David at 01 Jul 2006 21:10:51

The Old Vic at Southwark Community

Oldvic So this is where Kevin Spacey takes refuge when not trying to destroy Superman ! Fantastic setting, cool plays, and with artistic direction from prominent Hollywood heavyweight like Mr Spacey, there is little that can go wrong. Check out the cool website.

by David at 03 Jul 2006 20:27:35

Speaker's Corner at Marble Arch Community

Speakerscorner Do you have an opinion you feel strongly about ? Why not tell others and have a healthy debate ? The speakers' corner is a place where everybody and anybody can go and speak their mind. This is not for just common people, how about Lenin, Orwell, Marx. And don't forget Lord Soper, who is still going strong after all these years. There is even an itenary of events here, check out for more information.

by David at 02 Jul 2006 08:49:00

Royal Festival Hall at Waterloo Community

Rfh Home of music for the South Bank. Whatever your taste in music, there is an event which will cater for it. Check out the programme for more information.

by David at 02 Jul 2006 16:41:18

James Smith & Sons Umbrella Shop at Tottenham Court Road Community

Jamessmith It rains in London, everyone knows that. Next time it does, makes sure you own an umbrella that not only withstands the rigours of the Elements, it also has style! Try James Smith and Sons Umbrella shop, which has an eye popping range of the best, the most beatiful, and the sturdiest of umbrellas. You can also get a walking stick here while you are about it. Check out their extensive range at their website

by David at 02 Jul 2006 08:56:52
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