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Best London Underground routes from St. Paul's to Earlsfield Mappin
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16 stops
 1—St. Paul'sCommunity
 1—Bank Community
 1—Liverpool Street Community
 2—Bethnal GreenCommunity
 2—Mile EndCommunity
 3—Stratford Community
 3—West Ham Community
 3—Canning Town Community
 23—North GreenwichCommunity
 2—Canary Wharf Community
 2—Canada Water Community
 2—Bermondsey Community
 1—London Bridge Community
 1—Southwark Community
 1—Waterloo Community
 —[South West Trains]
St. Paul's
Points of Interest (POI)/ What's on

Royal Festival Hall at Waterloo Community

Rfh Home of music for the South Bank. Whatever your taste in music, there is an event which will cater for it. Check out the programme for more information.

by David at 02 Jul 2006 16:41:18

Millenium Bridge at St. Paul's Community


Spans across the Thames from St. Paul's to the Tate Modern. Although it suffered certain engineering problems when first opened, they have all been rectified now. This is a footbridge and is a great way to cross the river between two famous landmarks.

by David at 02 Jul 2006 16:22:13

The Old Vic at Southwark Community

Oldvic So this is where Kevin Spacey takes refuge when not trying to destroy Superman ! Fantastic setting, cool plays, and with artistic direction from prominent Hollywood heavyweight like Mr Spacey, there is little that can go wrong. Check out the cool website.

by David at 03 Jul 2006 20:27:35

Roman Road Market at Mile End Community

Romanroad In the middle of the Eastend's Tower Hamlet is this old market with a French twist. This used to be the main road for the Roman to get to Londinium, but is now put ot good use for the descendants of Queen Boudicea.

by David at 03 Jul 2006 21:24:54

London IMAX Cinema at Waterloo Community

Londonimax Watch "Superman Returns" in glorious 3D and high definition at the London IMAX cinemas. The best movie format and the most advanced technology in cinematic industries currently, IMAX will bring you an unforgettable experience not just for visual effects but also for the most incredible sound quality which can mimick from the quiestest sound of a cricket's wings to the roaring noise of a jet engine in full blast.

by David at 02 Jul 2006 09:13:51
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