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Best London Underground routes from Leicester Square to Upton Park Mappin
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26 stops
 1—Leicester SquareCommunity
 1—Picadilly CircusCommunity
 1—Green ParkCommunity
 1—Hyde Park CornerCommunity
 1—South KensingtonCommunity
 1—Sloane SquareCommunity
 1—Victoria Community
 1—St. James's ParkCommunity
 1—Embankment Community
 1—Blackfriars Community
 1—Mansion HouseCommunity
 1—Cannon StreetCommunity
 1—Tower Hill Community
 1—Aldgate EastCommunity
 2—Stepney GreenCommunity
 2—Mile EndCommunity
 2—Bow RoadCommunity
 3—West Ham Community
 3—Upton ParkCommunity
Leicester Square Upton Park
Points of Interest (POI)/ What's on

Wong Kei Restaurant at Picadilly Circus Community

Wongkei For the unique experience in Chinese food, do not miss a visit to Wong Kei restaurant. People who have been there are divided into two distinct camps, those who loved it, and those who do not. Such a polarity deserves an explanation. There is no doubt the food is first class (try the Singapore Fried Noodles, something you can not even get in Singapore Foot in mouth). The problem most people have is the service, which has a brand of its own. Do not expect to have your own table in the corner, where you want to sit next to the Fountain with the running water. You are either told to go "upstair", or "downstair". So much so that the staff there all wear T-shirts with these words across the back (these T-shitrs can be purchased, incidentally). The exceptionally low price is the other factor, which obviously strikes a chord with the conscious budget travellers.

by David at 02 Jul 2006 09:52:30

Roman Road Market at Mile End Community

Romanroad In the middle of the Eastend's Tower Hamlet is this old market with a French twist. This used to be the main road for the Roman to get to Londinium, but is now put ot good use for the descendants of Queen Boudicea.

by David at 03 Jul 2006 21:24:54

Temple Church at Temple Community


Before the book and the film, nobody knew this place existed. Now suddenly everybody wants to see where it is. I am talking of Da Vinci Code, of course. Nice place, although there is no sign of Silas the Albino lurking in the shadow Surprised

On the other hand, if you are simply interested in this Church on the spiritual side, or you want to know more about the Knights Templar's tombs, check out the website 

by David at 03 Jul 2006 16:41:42

Sommerset House at Temple Community

Sommerseth Hidden from full view, this place is nice and relaxing. If you want to escape from the noisy embankment, then this is the place to go and look for inspiration. Nearest Tube is Temple. Look it up at

by David at 01 Jul 2006 20:28:37

Hungerford Bridge at Embankment Community

Hungerford Hungerford Footbridge spans across the Thames alongside the railbridge for Thameslink trains from Waterloo East. At one end is Embankment Station, the other is Waterloo Station. You can try the eastside bridge, which has the view of the City of London in the distance, or the westside, which shows Big Ben and the House of Parliament. On a sunny day, you can also hear the sound of the Bagpipes playing in the distance. Check out the 360o view from the here

by David at 02 Jul 2006 10:18:17
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